Griddin is a funny new kind of photo and morphing effekt tool where you can process images and live video streams. With Griddin you’re able to use your iPhone to create individual and unique images. The editing is based on the customizable ImageGrid. You can generate your personal creations with this grid. Mix your grid with one of the predefined image effects and you have a very flexible and funny image processing.


With Griddin you’re able to use your iPhone to create individual and unique images:

Several image effects

Choose one of the predefined image-effects and give your scene a special note. You can refine all your captured scenes by repeatable adjustment of the image effect.

Grid-Point Mode

With this Mode you can generate your individual and unique distortion grids. For that you can arbitrarily move the single grid-points which are fixed to the live-video stream or the still image.

Move-Scale Mode

The Live-Image/Still-Image can be moved on top of the grid. So you can get an even more individual adaption.

Funny 3D ripple effect

You can dynamically view your scene with a funny 3d ripple effect. This is usable in still image mode and also in live stream mode.

Image Sharing

Share your images with your friends on Facebook or Twitter. Or simply send them an EMail.

Live-Video Morphing

Distortion changes on the image-grid can be done while the camera is in Live-View Mode.

Photo Album Import for still images

Photos that are already taken and stored in your iPhone Photo Album can be used as a foundation for your grid adaption.

Grid sharing and adjustable editing

Save the image grids, use them as a foundation for further processing, change the image or even share a complete image-grid with your friends. Your friends can do the same manipulations on that grid as you can.
You get a clearly arranged illustration of all of your generated image-grids in the main screen.

Volume+ button to take photo

The Volume+ button on your iPhone is usable for taking a photo while you are adjusting your grid or choosing your image section.

For further information visit the HOWTO page or write us an email.